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BIA Meeting Minutes for March 2013



Our Mission – create a revitalized community core through the following priorities
Advocate on behalf of our membership;
Engage in planning and projects that promote our vision;
Communicate with the community and our members;
Support the development of new businesses;
Promote our members and the goods and services they provide;
Lobby for the safety and security of our patrons and members;
Plan for beautification and the creation of a unique experience.
Our Vision-The Strathroy Business Improvement Area revitalized as a community focal point in which businesses thrive;residents live, work and play; and visitors feel welcome to our unique downtown Strathroy Experience.


Wednesday March 13th, 2013
Strathroy & Area Seniors Centre-Board Room
8:00 AM
Present: Dave Brock, Donna Pammer, Jenny Dortmans, Marion Smith, Janice Diezyn, John Pammer and Shannon
Regrets: Andrew Meyer
1. Welcome
Moved: Jenny Dortmans
Seconded: Marion Smith
That the BIA Board of Directors approve the meeting minutes of February
13th, 2013. Carried
2. Financial Report
Moved: Donna Pammer
Seconded: Jenny Dortmans
That the BIA Board of Directors approve the financial report as presented. Carried
3. Promotions Committee:
-Turkey Festival –window decorating contest-Waldo
-Art in the Park ?
-Ladies Shopping night-Black Friday
-Christmas promotions/DTD/tree lighting/wagon rides
-start a Senior’s Discount Day on a regular basis for the entire downtown
-looking at passports and coupon books as well
-Donna meeting with the Daytripper today to discuss advertising options
4. Administrator Report
-Shannon on holidays March 27-April 6th, 2013
-a newsletter will be sent out before end of March—include façade improvement
info, upcoming events, flower sponsorship info
5. Andrew-updates
-Mr. Harvard will have the first historical poster in his store front and BIA
board will follow up with other vacant store owners to see if art work can
be placed there too—need to identify properties and follow up
6. MISC.
-suggested that a sign could be put on the corner by the old Amy’s highlighting the
stores and services downtown, merchants could purchase space
-have directional arrow signs pointing shoppers to stores—get prices and find
out by-law restrictions and that would be good for 2014 budget and project list
Downtown Dollars
-April BIA Board meeting, Executive Committee to determine what the objective/
purpose/goal of the program.
That can be presented to all present at the May General Meeting (TBA)
-Offer 2 options:
-1) Merchants pay for the dollars they receive
-2) Decrease Dollars to $100,000.00 and have a plan for the $7500.00 that will be
saved (a portion to general advertising and promotion and a portion to Downtown
Masterplan projects)
-have pros and cons for each of the options and the expenses associated with
6. Next Meeting-Wednesday April 17th, 2013 8 AM-SASC Board Room
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